By cevans November 20, 2014


Hi I’m Corey Evans, A freelance developer and founder of in2orbit.net Digital.  Writing from a small office in Mimico, Toronto  I come from a successful and intensive internet and mobile development career with 20 years experience working for top Canadian companies both large and small.

With a focus towards driving change, a key is to identify process that make clients work better, faster and smarter.   My extensive expertise  will often lead to more practical, cheaper approaches and solutions to problems.

Success brings growth! in2orbit.net has been a part of the incredible boom in the internet industry,  the last few years have been especially amazing for me.  My passion for 3d creation and virtual reality development since 2007 is finally coming back into vogue.  As well, some astounding developments in responsive web and open source applications is certainly keeping me hopping and pushing out a steady flow of future-proof responsive cross channel website and apps.

You as a customer have IT data , website, technical problems  and need that “Guru” to get it done right,  I can help you.

Every project is unique, but  the patterns of successful development don’t change.   I treat my clients like I am part of the company, getting involved… with insights into your business that will make the difference for the people who are using the systems day to day as well as the bottom line.

I’m always interested to hear about potential projects and can provide clear and thoughtful quotation upon request.


Corey Evans


twitter: @whyroc

(416) 710 6367