National Music Center in Calgary Kiosk Project

By cevans August 15, 2016

I was the fullstack developer on this project for St. Joseph Media, D and P , and the National Music Center.  Launched July 1 2016.

As I am finding more lately with the great open source tools we have now, it is often an interesting proposal to blend web technologies with node.js technologies like electron to create standalone apps for mobile as well as desktop.

It all worked out great in this case and the result was a stunning touch-screen application backed by a WordPress content management server to distribute a variety of content to 20+ kiosks in the museum.


Thanks to some great design and content work from other folks at SJM, Scott, Maria, Pat!!




This was a really fun project to take from prototype to api to end product. Thanks to all involved and to NMC for the museum which is totally worth the visit.