By cevans November 19, 2014

Online initiatives are a great way to spread your message and story, or to enable your business to be more productive through better communication.

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet became synonymous with ‘computer technology’, and it’s easy to forget how significant traditional practices related to data and metrics are to success today.

It used to called reporting, now it’s business intelligence or analytics. When it comes down to measuring the impact of any site, campaign or other venture it is essential to have clear and concise comparisons and analysis of data to get the best picture of why your product or service is successful, or why it is not meeting expectations.

Several large platforms dominate the market, again it is a matter of using the Google Analytics or Adobe/Omnitures of the world efficiently and effectively by configuring them so it makes sense for the business.

Once you have collected the data, what to do with it? What does it tell me?  Tying results into other business metrics and presenting them in an easy to use configurable portal for the day-to-day users of the system is an example of the value added features  delivered for clients.