Interactive for the Enterprise

By cevans February 4, 2015


Different sized businesses need different and unique solutions.

With cloud services much of the technology is taken care of, with great applications makes interfacing with the Web much easier, but there is a third major component … People.

In Enterprise settings there are often many stakeholders and legacy gotchas that can turn a web project into a snowballing mess.

Without the right guidance or that key guru person it can get very costly for larger companies.  Its hard to find trustworthy partnerships with agency or consultant, and especially tough to find ones that provide value added services.

We offer intense web strategy and process consulting as well as technical direction based on 20 years experience in business, both internet and bricks and mortar.  It’s important to realize the web isn’t everything and core business practices and structures hold true.  For many Enterprise clients the website is a tool. They need it to work and to be easy to use so they can focus on growing the core activities.