By cevans November 19, 2014

Recent (Jan 2105) statistics show that globally mobile is used by more people than the internet.  The future will show how ease of use and access will enable new groups of people to get connected and adopt new technologies.  At the point where mobile and the traditional internet join,  this is the moment when we can say the ‘internet is mobile’.  There are many factors that will be slowly eroded away with out constant innovation, primarily cost of sharing data in the mobile communications space.

Screens are getting smaller, interfaces more basic, this means a shift in the way websites are used and built. Technology changes fast, a couple innovations later and companies need to change or die on the vine.  Sites that do a good job of mobile will be vaulted to the front of the line in terms of getting mass public attention, a trend that will grow.

Mobile apps are well and dandy for small activities, but to use the technology to the fullest potential an app needs to be hyper-connected and in most  makes sense to build large parts of mobile solutions in the cloud.  As web standards improve and evolve the common themes of responsive web development make the line between a traditional ‘mobile app’ and ‘websites’ blurr. It’s time to get ahead of the curve now.