Mobile tech stack

By cevans November 19, 2014

Now we have talked about why, here’s how:


This is what makes out day developing responsive sites, if you have been building websites for a while css can be a bit tedious! Sass makes it fun again and also provides the standards and techniques to make the site click at any scale.


Tried and true.. the old faithful of javascript libraries.  Javascript on its own can be a real beast.  It’s a language cobbled together over the years, but somehow has emerged as a defacto standard for web interactions. Oh well.. we have jQuery and other great libraries like prototype.js that make it better, and provide a standard implementation across devices and browsers.


Automation is very important to the bottom line both in what we do and what it does for clients.  There are many repetitive tasks and complicated deployments out there that bottleneck creativity and productivity within the organisation.  Compass and other automation platforms take a few seconds here and a minute or two there off just about every common web developer activity. I can seem like only a couple seconds to automate or improve a process that is involved in delivering content or changes to the website. Over time a little becomes alot and it truly does add up to long term stability, code control and collaboration with deployment standards.

Adobe CC

Even though we are big open source proponents, can’t go cheap in the area of creative tools.  Adobe Creative cloud gives us incredible value with a full range of programs for any need that arises in the line of work of web development and creative media. It is what allows a small team to be a one stop shop for small and medium business and can scale instantly for enterprise with amazing creative asset management features that allow us to share mockups, designs and revisions seamlessly on the cloud.