By cevans November 19, 2014

Modern cloud based Internet server networks are at the forefront of our ability to share and communicate on a scale never seen before in human history.

The technology is divided between a handful of global providers.  For LAMP based stacks Amazon’s  Web Service provides a suite of services indispensable for modern scaling demands. We’re experts with PHP applications like WordPress, Symfony and Presta Shop powered by MySQL databases.

Windows Azure From Microsoft offers amazing automation and business integration for enterprise, as well as providing a complete development work flow that is unmatched for productivity. Some of the best in class CMS solutions run great on the Azure cloud like Umbraco and Sitecore, these are our go-to preferred platforms for digital marketing.


Our experience ranges over many other systems and platforms as well. What it comes down to is attention to detail and listening to what people want and need in the systems they use every day, and delivering the technology that can make life easier for everyone in the business.

We typically don’t host your website when it’s in production, but we certainly do configure and manage the cloud services for you, on one of the service providers above or others. We feel it’s important to give our customers freedom to make IT and hosting decisions, otherwise can provide recommendations.

As you may know, that is only the half of it, there is this half-magic aspect of web development called ‘Front end’.  A big part of coding good front end these days is proficient use of Javascript, Jquery and many of the other libraries that are available and offer a set of standards.

CSS has become a beast of its own with amazing power being delivered with SASS and CSS precompiling. Along with CSS3, rapidly advancing browser standards, it is very exciting times for front end developers.  With the power comes complexity, so you had better be sure to get it right from the start. Process and automation becomes very important to make sure front end work is done efficiently.